Hi! I’m Julie. I like to cook. Sometimes I set off the fire detector and have to use the Swiffer to reach up and shut it off. I started this blog because I was in a post-Thanksgiving food rut, eating salad and cheesy quinoa for dinner. (Mushy and partially burned quinoa. But it mostly just tasted like cheddar cheese.)

I’ve been taking pictures of all the food I made for the past few months in case I ever started a blog. So there might be a lot of posts of old food I made, with very bad pictures. I feel OK about this.

Right now I’m eating butternut squash/scallion risotto from Thanksgiving. My mother and I made it at midnight on Wednesday. I have an extremely lax attitude about leftovers.

Oh, and my background photo is (I think–can’t entirely remember) a bowl of spaghetti with Manic Pasta Sauce. Manic Pasta Sauce is created by making tomato sauce as quickly as humanly possible because you’re so hungry and/or stressed. The key step is being too lazy to drain the fat from the beef, and just adding it to the sauce. IT IS REALLY GOOD.

The end.

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