I am cooking ninety-five things right now

1. Banana bread baked oatmeal (for breakfast all week)
2. Barley (for dinner) (possibly a mistake)
3. Roasted garlic and kale soup (for lunch all week)
4. Cream-braised cabbage (for dinner)
5-95. Shush

I am currently baking the oatmeal and roasting the garlic (shit the timer just went off) (OK, nothing was done); the oatmeal is really easy and really good, unless you use bananas that have been in the freezer for any length of time. Supposedly you can freeze bananas, but I always find that they become disgusting instantly.

Cut the cabbage in half, then core it (just slice a big triangle out of the center—it’s easy). Then slice, pretty much any which way.

The soup is to once again take advantage of my immersion blender, and because soup is warm and delightful.

The barley is because I read a Michael Pollan book last week; it was boring and pissed me off, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Mostly I just go around thinking, “Would my great-grandmother recognize this as food?” The answer is always no, because all my great-grandmothers were from Russia or Poland or Belarus and I don’t think

[oh God, a lot of things just happened. First the cabbage was softened, or too softened, and I had to add the lemon juice, salt, and cream and stir frantically; then the timer went off again, so I had to take out the garlic and oatmeal, which I decided were done; and then I should have stirred again but instead I’m writing this, and also the barley, in the rice cooker, is being very l0ud]

Leeks and cabbage sauteing. This was right after I put them in, before they started softening/reducing.

she ate tofu, or shrimp, or sushi, or strawberries. But despite all that, and despite the fact that I am positive Michael Pollan mainlines Doritos in his spare time (indeed, it is impossible to be happy in life without doing so), I wanted to try more whole grains (well, he says you should eat leaves, not grains, but fuck that). So I’m cooking barley. It also seemed sort of Old Country-ish, and like it should go with cabbage. But who knows. We shall see.

Oven buddies

The barley-cooking is stressing me out. I have no idea what I’m doing. Also, I’ve taken a pause in the soup-cooking. Hold on, I need to check the recipe. Yeah, it seems like I have to concentrate on everything else I do in this recipe, so it’s going to have to wait a while. The barley is not done, by the way; also, it has no flavor. Well, I guess I have no idea if it’s done.

Anyway—the cabbage is because a few months ago I made that recipe, because I had cabbage left over from a Chinese-food experiment, and it was AMAZING. I have no idea how. I don’t like cabbage except in Chinese food. But this was so great. I guess it’s partly because I love leeks, and partly because it has cream. And at one point I made a great dinner using cabbage-from-the-freezer, fried-ish/scrambled-ish eggs, and toast cooked on the stove in butter. So I am making it again.

I’m going to eat cabbage now. I will be back later. Have a happy dinner.

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