Soup and barley update

The cabbage: extremely wonderful. I was eating it out of the pan after I finished my bowl. (Also, I am still hungry.)

This picture isn’t bad. The cabbage actually looks like that.

The barley: still had no taste. I just ate it with butter and salt, which is probably a bad way to do things; I would never eat brown rice or quinoa that way. I will experiment with it tomorrow. And/or read every single vegan blog in the universe to find something better to do with it. (The non-vegan blogs just have recipes for beef barley soup, which is unhelpful.)

The soup: looks really horrible right now. I was sauteing the


leeks, herbs (my rosemary, marjoram, and other stuff mixture I bought at a salt store in Slovenia), and bay leaves while simultaneously “popping” the roasted garlic out of the skin. Mostly they didn’t want to pop; I alternately squeezed them out (this was disgusting) and stuck my fingers into the cloves to get out the remaining garlic pulp. While I was doing this, I forgot about the leeks and burned them to an inhuman blackness.

[Update update: It’s Spinning on Air, not Soundcheck.]

I carried on anyway, because I am the Relatively Shitty Cook, and added the garlic, diced potato, and a smattering of smoked paprika. One should always measure smoked paprika because it’s so strong—and I don’t love the flavor—but I didn’t. Then I added my one can of vegetable broth and one can of water, because I had for some reason only bought one can. (I didn’t have a can of water. I just filled the empty vegetable broth can with water and added it.) I then de-stemmed and sliced the kale, using a cookie sheet as a very useful second counter. I also ate a piece of raw kale that was on my chair. It was unexciting.

The kale takeover of my apartment is almost complete.

So that’s what’s going on now. Burnt glop is simmering on the stove. Soon I will puree it. La la la. I want cookies.

Shit, I just pureed a bay leaf. I knew I was going to forget to remove them.

Anyway, the soup is now done and it looks… brown. After tasting it I added a lot more salt, pepper, and paprika, and then some cayenne pepper for some reason. Full review tomorrow. I am concerned about it. Also, I am eating chocolate chips again. Good night.

I don’t know if I want to eat this.

2 thoughts on “Soup and barley update

  1. I assume you realize that you interrupted a discussion of salt products you bought in Slovenia and how all non-vegan blogs are disappointing in order to announce your excitement over an NPR musical guest. On a WordPress blog. Stuff White People like is spinning in its cultural obsolescence.

    Also, I would prefer if you refrained from language as racially charged as “inhuman blackness.” My adopted Somali five-year-old reads your blog religiously.

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