I was away for the weekend and have not cooked all week (well, that’s not true; I made hot chocolate from scratch and hash browns from frozen, pre-grated potatoes), so I have nothing to write for you. I did partake in cooking (and eating!) activities over the weekend, though, and some atrocities were committed in the name of frosting.

I wanted to bring your (y’all’s? Do I have a plural readership?) attention to some forthcoming food things.

I found a Cajun/Creole cookbook today, by Paul Prudhomme. Everything in it looks beautiful and long and complicated and full. The recipes all point to multiple other recipes. To cook these recipes, you have to really mean it.

I want to cook everything. (Everything in the world.)

So, my briefly quasi-vegetarian kitchen is probably going to revert back to meat. I might have to buy HAM HOCKS. AND GIBLETS. I am scared. But I live literally next door to a butcher.

In completely opposite news, Trader Jacqui, vegetarian extraordinare, will likely be making more of an appearance, as told in her own words. You should be glad about this because she bakes works of art, and has also started learning to cook. Please note, however, that I have Middle Child Syndrome, and she is pretty much my third sister, so if you pay more attention to her than me, I may have a temper tantrum.

That’s about all. I want this. Not really.

5 thoughts on “Forthcoming

  1. I think you should change the background photo to our pizza. I just reread that post and the pizza picture makes me incredibly hungry. Also, quote of the week “to cook these recipes, you have to really mean it.” I LOVE that. So true about so much.

  2. I agree with M, you just say y’all. It works for everything. But I can ask some real southerners (no offense to M, I don’t know if he or she is a real Southerner because I certainly am not).

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