Atlanta: all good things

I visited my sister and bro-in-law a few weeks ago for MLK Day, and they wanted to see the Relatively Shitty Cook in action. We made this really cool and interesting radicchio pasta from Sarah’s pasta cookbook (I can’t remember the name or author! so I can’t cite it! Sorry, mysterious cookbook writer), and honey beer cake from Booze Cakes. (Sweet, they have a website.)

The pasta recipe was sort of a weird decision—I don’t know why we picked it. It had raddichio—how in God’s name do you spell that? I’m just going to use a variety of options—and that ham that’s not prosciutto… ugh, I’m really hungry and can’t write this now. Anyway, at the supermarket it took about ten minutes and three or four supermarket employees to find it. This is not an exaggeration; the entire staff was running every which way trying to find it. It was exciting. Then we couldn’t find any heavy cream, and were peering through the slats in the dairy case where a man was unloading things, trying to get his attention so he could give us cream. The bro was convinced we would not be able to find honey beer, but in fact it was the first thing in the beer aisle. However, we didn’t buy it, in case it was nasty; we got raspberry Shocktop instead. It is a strange supermarket indeed that stocks honey beer but not cream.

Anyway. I chopped radicchio and leeks for the pasta.

They literally do not have light in their kitchen.

My bro sauteed/rendered porchetta (porchetta? is that what I mean?); it soon began popping, popcorn-style, and flying all over the kitchen. I picked one up off the floor. It was like a meat fireball.

We sauteed the leeks …

… added cream, and added the radicchio, which then cooked down for a while until it could fit in the pot. We combined everything with pasta and ate it with wine and cheese like fancy people.

We had started making the cake before dinner, and it baked while we ate. After dinner, and after several glasses of wine, we had to make the frosting, which was confectioner’s sugar, butter, and beer, as far as I recall. After we finished assembling it, it was very clearly not frosting. It was mostly liquid. I was like, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US? Then I was like, oh shit, I added a completely wrong quantity of sugar. Anyway, it never frosting-ized; it just sort of gooped. Then it soaked into the cake, leaving nothing but a dull sugary sheen and infusing the cake with a sense of oversugaration.

It was pretty good, though. But very sweet. The next morning, it looked like we had never frosted it at all, which was a little disturbing. I do not know what happened to it since.

Immediately after frosting.


3 thoughts on “Atlanta: all good things

  1. this was pretty interesting… it’s funnier when things go wrong (the poor frosting). I always overlook the recipes with beer but maybe now I’ll try it.

  2. Yay for visiting Atlanta!
    1. It’s pancetta. Not porchetta. 🙂 And I can confirm that there were indeed at least 4 Kroger employees trying to help us find it. They thought we were nuts. (But this happens often in Atlanta… ask Jared about the time he tried to find clotted cream.)
    2. What happened to the beer cake frosting is that part of it soaked into the cake (making it insanely sweet) and part of it pooled underneath and around the edges. It’s kind of gross. Jared was able to eat it for a few days but I couldn’t. We still have so much left so if anyone wants really sugary beer cake let me know! We decided we couldn’t bring it to work since it actually has alcohol in it….

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