Sorry for the long break! There was some life upheaval. I’m back now, sort of. I haven’t cooked anything since last we met, just eaten a lot of things that were in the freezer. Well, tonight I combined spinach, my chickpea/tomato mixture, whole-wheat fusilli, and a lot of mozzarella cheese and ate it, and it was way better than I expected, in fact it was really really good, but my camera battery is dead. (I’m not sure what made it good. The fact that I didn’t drain the spinach and then cooked the whole mixture over low heat, so it was infused with spinach flavor, if there is such a thing? That whole-wheat pasta just goes well with things like spinach and chickpeas?) Want to see a cell phone picture? OK. Here.

In other news, I was sitting at my desk eating my Cajun red beans and rice and reading TheKitchn, and there was an article about Cajun red beans and rice, and I looked at my food really confusedly and took an awful picture.

I don’t wish to discuss whose looks better.

(If you’ve never read this blog before, I want you to know that sometimes the pictures aren’t this bad.)

In third news, I am thinking of changing my blog name, because it is pretty terrible. (And also, kind of depressing. I’m not THAT bad.) I want something good … something that’s like me. Something messy, chopping vegetables at top speed, all over the place, carrot bits flying, shredded cheese on the floor. Olive oil smoking, banging the top of the Swiffer handle into the smoke alarm button. (I dreamed recently that I was chopping up a banana for a banana–beef burrito I was making. Later I thought maybe my brain had meant plantains.) Something without a mise en place, of course; stirring while chopping while overcooking while burning garlic bits while using them anyway while water boils and the sink is filled with dishes; while I am so hungry I eat beans before they’re cooked, take bites from a block of cheddar cheese and then can never give it to guests because there are teeth marks; talking about making homemade crackers and never doing it; the radiator steaming, maybe a bowl of dough next to it, cat food littering the floor below the table, bits of dried kale in a spot I cannot reach next to the stove.




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