How to: Make burnt almond butter

I’m starting a new series where I teach you how to make ingredients. Mostly because I want to have all the recipes in an easily locatable place and don’t have to go all over the Internet the next time I want them.

This one is even less of a recipe than the others, though: almond butter.

I first made almond butter when I bought a bunch of raw almonds from Fairway intending to make chocolate-covered almonds, which I love. (I lost my taste for peanuts and peanut butter after using them in 15 mouse traps, so I had to move on to a different nut.) However, then I realized that buying ready-made chocolate-covered almonds from Fairway was less expensive per ounce, and I was really annoyed at myself and had no idea what to do with raw almonds. For some reason roasting them just seemed horribly daunting.

Anyway, eventually I roasted them, butterized them, and ate it very happily, mostly on pancakes with honey. When I ran out I decided I needed more. Trader Jacqui bought me some cheap almonds from Trader Joe’s, her homeland. I roasted them today while simultaneously crisping macaroni and cheese, and as a result waaay over-roasted them. This wasn’t actually clear until I started pulverizing them, but IMPORTANT NOTE: Your almond butter should NOT be the color mine is in these photos. I’m posting this anyway because the process is the same whether you have burnt the shit out of your almonds or not, but almond butter should be much lighter!!! Just keep that in mind.

Step One. Preheat your oven to 350° (not 450°, as I did). Put your almonds on a baking sheet.

Step Two. Roast your almonds for 12–15 minutes (or 10, if your oven is too hot). I believe I did only 12 minutes the first time I did this and felt it could have been roastier, but I’d much rather underroasted than burned almonds.

Step Three. Let cool for a bit.

Step Four. Put them in your food processor. Another thing to note is that mine is too small and I had to do two batches (8 oz. each). Since mine is so small, and possibly not a real food processor, you also have to hold the button down the whole time. Basically,use a real food processor.

Step Five. Process! First you’ll get almond meal.

Then you’ll get this sort of pasty stuff. This will go on for a while. You’ll have to keep scraping down the sides pretty often.

It looks less disgusting when your almonds aren’t overroasted.

Eventually, you’ll begin to lose hope. The food processor will start to heat up and whine alarmingly. Right at that moment, the almonds will suddenly become almond butter.



Almond Butter
16 oz. almonds (raw or roasted; it’s much easier to do this if they’re already roasted)

If almonds are not roasted, roast for 10—15 minutes at 350°. Stir if you want to and if this won’t cause almonds to go all over your oven.

Food process for approximately 15 minutes—this will vary. Scrape down the sides frequently (turn off the processor first).

7 thoughts on “How to: Make burnt almond butter

  1. That was awesome! Was that really your huge pile of almonds at the beginning or an internet photo? It sounds like a true phase change, from solid to butter, the way it is so sudden.

  2. I was looking for something to do with accidentally burnt almonds as well. I noticed they smelled a bit coffee-like and wondered if I could go that direction. The internet said that you can REALLY burn them, grind them, and mix with oil to make kohl eye liner, but the video I watched used slivered almonds. Hmmm…

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