Hummus pitas

Hello dear blog readers,

I wasn’t going to post about this because it is not a recipe, but then I took two very pretty pictures and wanted to put them on the blog, so here is a wonderful post about hummus pitas.

I spend 90 percent of my time (and 98 percent of my conversations with Jacqui) agonizing about what to make for lunch. The only remotely happy meat my grocery store carries is Applegate, and they are mad expensive, yo, so usually I go for vegetarian lunches instead. It is an ongoing problem.

This week hummus was on sale (I have been meaning to make my own but have finally accepted the fact that my “food processor” is not a real food processor, it’s just a very small thing with a blade that doesn’t really do anything, so I don’t want to put the effort into what will almost certainly fail… despite what is actually kind of the mission of this blog), so I made hummus pitas. (This post sounds like an SEO post. I have said “hummus pita” like 98 times.) (Note: You can tell how bored/procrastinatory I am feeling by how many superfluous links I add to my posts. OR AM I GETTING PAID? No, I am not.)

My lunch assembly line. (Sorry this is so dark. It was morning and there is no light in my kitchen. iPhoto and my brain couldn’t solve this.)

This involves:
-Whole-wheat pitas (I found awesome ones! they were really cheap and they only had, like, food ingredients!!!) (WHAT is that picture??? It looks like a Philly cheesesteak in a pita? Maybe? Why is there melted cheese everywhere)
-Hummus (I used “tahini” flavor; I think this is is just regular hummus with some tahini on top—tahini, ground sesame-seed paste, is an ingredient in hummus)
-Cheddar cheese
-Grape tomatoes (it was only May when I made this… is that bad? They were extremely good, though)
-Red onion
-Poblanos, because I had an extra (WARNING: This is really weird, but they seemed to get hotter the longer they stayed in my fridge, so by the end of the week I had some extremely spicy pitas. I’m aware that this makes no sense)

Basically you just shove everything into a pita. I did find that it’s better to put the lettuce in first; one day I put the hummus in first and tried to smush it around, but just ended up with a hummus-free sandwich until the very end and then hummus overload.

Also, these are really good. There are so many tastes. And they are all good.

How do you make a cat understand that the air conditioner is not dangerous?


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