New year new country new coffee

Hello from Kyrgyzstan! I have been here for almost a week and am like on the verge of beginning to attain normalcy here. ALMOST. Beginning.


In the vicinity of Ala-Too Square (the main square in Bishkek)

In the course of my explorations today I went to a new grocery store and was deeply delighted to find that they had my favorite instant coffee. Yes, this is the previously untold end of the saga of the instant coffee taste test: I won. I am actually slightly embarrassed by this. Not only did i find an instant coffee I kind of liked, after almost a year of drinking it I have turned into some sort of horrible instant coffee lover. An instant coffee lover who is horrible, that is; not a lover of horrible instant coffee. I love only the finest instant coffee. I will maintain (with deep shame) until my dying breath that this one is actually good.


The king of instant coffees. HAHAHA I wrote that without remembering what it was called. (It says that it makes 95 cups, which means that it will make like 38 or so.)

In Estonia it’s called Kronat Gold, and here it is Monarch Gold, which really confused me until I realized (like literally just now) that maybe kronat means king in Estonian. I’m not going to check. I’ll just wait to see if my Estonian friend comments on this. Also Google Translate is blocked in the dorms where I am now living (at a language school). It just tastes more like coffee and less like nastiness than most instant coffees. And now it will taste like home (Estonia) so it will be good to drink here. So that is the end of the search for instant coffee.

But that is not all that happened on this fateful grocery store trip. You weren’t allowed to take photos for some reason and I didn’t know what would happen if I did, so instead of photos I have to show you just Internet links to the wondrous things I found:


AN ENTIRE AISLE FULL OF VAFLI (ВАФЛИ) (WAFFLE COOKIES), THE BEST THING KNOWN TO MAN. I got super into these last year in Estonia. I ate an extraordinary amount of them.

And I bought this delightful Uzbek (?) bread:


And I learned that the Kyrgyz word for “bread” is “nan.”

I don’t really have anything else to say in this post. Today a Russian man stopped me on the street to ask me if my tattoo was real, and I said yes, and then he was like, Why??? It was weird. Now I need to go find something to eat for dinner because I have no food.

Update: I went once again to the Korean noodle place down the street and got kuksu (apparently it is guksu in English transliteration, but it is куксу in Russian. I am learning so many things here). It is so yummy. And the people who work there seem to think that my terrible Russian is adorable. I can understand what they say, but only like five minutes later. I will start eating more Central Asian food soon, I promise.


One thought on “New year new country new coffee

  1. Welcome back cook! No need to unblock Google translate: Kronat is detected as Catalan and even in Estonian it does not get translated. Is Siri blocked???

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