More weeks in review: Holiday Party!

Last night Sarah reminded me I had been highly remiss in not posting about her holiday party, since we cooked many exciting things. I’m now sitting here drinking straight out of a giant grapefruit juice container, with my cat on the table next to me, and in this highly ideal situation I will tell you all about our last-year festivities. Happy New Year!

The first thing I made was Alton Brown’s spinach-artichoke dip. (Midway through making it, I yelled, “SHIT, I measured every single thing wrong and this is going to be horrible.” For some reason I couldn’t figure out Sarah’s measuring cups, even though they were totally and completely normal.) Michelle took a picture of it, which I will force you to look at. Hah.


It tasted really good, but I don’t recommend that you make it or even click on that link; it took a lot of effort for me to eat it after seeing what went into it. And now I know, forever. And I don’t wish that knowledge on anyone. Hint: It involves CREAM CHEESE AND SOUR CREAM. OH MY GOD. AND IT’S WARM. It tastes really good. I ate a lot of it.

Next was the mulled wine, a standby from years past. (One year past.) This year I changed it up so I could use my fancy star anise and whole allspice, and luckily Alton Brown again had a recipe that used all the ingredients I had and none of the ones I didn’t (damn you, cardamom pods—why do you forever elude me and/or be so expensive?). It’s really easy and really good–just put all the ingredients in a large pot with some Three-Buck Chuck, simmer for at least an hour, and drink. A lot.

And then strain, or else people will end up with peppercorns at the bottom of their cups, and they will not enjoy that.

Last and most important, Salmon Puffs. AHHH. (I’m not including the lovely Jacqui’s wonderful contribution, or those of the similarly lovely Trader Joe’s.)

This recipe is courtesy of some dude Sarah met at a party. He came into our lives, gave us salmon puffs, and disappeared forever. I think his name is Mitch. Maybe Sarah will post the recipe in the comments. Hi Sarah!

Anyway, they involve shredded lox, feta cheese, cream cheese (?), cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, other good things. They’re amazing. They’re bundled up in phyllo dough and baked at 360 (weird) for fifteen-ish minutes, or until golden brown. Sarah put me in charge of rolling them in the dough even though I had never used it before and did not, and still don’t, have any real idea of what phyllo dough is. Or how to pronounce it. Anyway, I put spoonfuls of the lox mixture in little rectangles of the dough, a few sheets thick, that I ripped apart with my fingers; then I just twisted the dough together at the top.

The end! Yum.