Home is hopefully not where the sourdough starter is

Day 4

Got home from Russian tutoring. Smelled sourdough starter. IT KIND OF SMELLS LIKE SOURDOUGH!!!!!!!!! Am deeply excited. Also pleased that it is still bubbly and that I did not murder it by dumping most of it down the drain.

Dumped half of it down the drain, again. (I never learn.) Added one ounce of flour—or rather, 1.13 ounces—and 1.66 ounces of water, because I did not realize how heavy water is. (It was like 50 mL which is a very small amount.)

I have stirred it and put its pot-holder hat on it. Good night.


Look at the bubbles and just ignore absolutely everything else about this


Day 5

We are all in the exact same situation that we were in yesterday. The sourdough starter, who I think should have a name, has gotten some new interesting yeast (I’m guessing; I don’t know what it does all day), and I have not done anything worth noting.


Day 6

I think it’s dead.


Day 7

It looked very sad and not bubbly when I woke up. I gave it some more food and put it on the kitchen table, which it seemed to like better than the counter. The internet says it is probably not dead, but just slow and tired.


Day 8

I left it alone for 1.5 days while I went home for Passover. There has been no change. I think it might be too cold—my apartment doesn’t have heat anymore because it’s “spring.” So I made it a nice little nest next to my router and modem, because they are warm.



Day 9

IT IS FREEZING IN HERE. It is snowing out but the heat is not on because it’s April. The sourdough and I are both very sad. I have put it in the oven and turned the light on, because that will make it nice and toasty in there but will not kill it. (It will waste an enormous amount of electricity, though.) In fact, I just stuck my head in to check on it and feed it and wished to curl up and go to sleep there. But in a very normal, mentally healthy way [ha ha like i know anything about that].


(The glow in the corner is the oven light.)


Day 10



Day 11

There is heat again in my apartment, and THE STARTER IS ALIVE AGAIN!!! This has been an emotional rollercoaster. I still do not trust it, though, and it does not trust me. Thus its constant dying.


Day I have absolutely no fucking clue

I have put it in the fridge, where it will wait until I am able to deal with it.


Hot plate hot problems

I don’t really know what the title of this post means. I only have a hot plate in my kitchen here, so I am going to be experimenting with Hot Plate Cooking. I haven’t even made the dish in question yet, so maybe it will be fantastic. Haaahahaha it will not.


This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just like it. It’s from the Osh Bazaar.

Today I discovered a horrible truth: there are apartment-hunting websites far, far, far, far, far worse than Craigslist out there. Like, I am sitting here actively thinking I WISH THERE WERE CRAIGSLIST IN BISHKEK. This seems like a very bad sign just about life in general. (The ads¬†here either don’t tell you where the apartment is or who the roommates are, or they¬†want a girl who will pay no rent in exchange for making¬†borsht.) Continue reading

Food failures

It all started on Sunday.

I cooked an egg in the microwave.

It was the highlight of the week in cooking.

(It was actually a perfectly fine egg. I beat the egg in a mug and added feta cheese, and cooked for about 50 seconds; it was pretty much cooked just the way I wanted it, and it was in the perfect shape for putting on a biscuit.)

On Sunday night I made this sort of green curry with tofu and vegetables, even though I knew that my curry paste, which I bought QUITE a while ago, had very little taste and that the resulting product would probably be blah. It was extremely blah.

I also made red lentil–bulgur wraps, which have literally no taste whatsoever and are an odd texture. I had to make sriracha mayonnaise to put on them to make them palatable.

AND I made homemade tortillas, because the ones at the grocery store had approximately sixty ingredients and were insanely expensive. (I am as much a fan of chemical food as anyone, but only in things like Doritos. Tortillas are just supposed to be tortillas.) They taste like store-bought tortillas—i.e. completely uninteresting—and were not fun to make.

This one looks like the bad guys in Antz.

OMG Fitzpatrick will not get his face out of my cereal. (Which is stale by the way.)

See how sad he looks. Why is his face on his foot?

He likes hanging out in the bathroom.

I need food help.