Sesame-crusted tofu with soba noodles

Wow, what is this, it’s like an actual food blog. I wanted something with soba noodles the other day, and after an extensive search of my recipe folders (I just started to write foodlers, which I guess is semiaccurate) and Google (oh, maybe I was just trying to combine folders and Google. That’s not as funny) I found this. I am always wary of Eating Well because their recipes are healthy, but they regularly taste really good, so it’s OK. Also, there’s no photo of the final product, so maybe they never actually cooked it.

Also also, it uses both Chinese and Japanese ingredients. (There’s Chinese black bean sauce and fermented Chinese black beans—which I omitted because I didn’t have any and because I am scared of them—but also soba noodles, which I thought were generally Japanese. And who knows where watercress comes from, or really, what it is.)

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