How to: Make brown sugar

White sugar is just brown sugar that’s had the molasses removed from it, so to make brown sugar you just add molasses back to white sugar. If you happen to have bought molasses for a random recipe, you can use it to make your own brown sugar, and then you don’t have to keep buying two different kinds of sugar. Ta-da.

This is a mise-en-place. Or maybe a mis-en-place. But I think the former. (The Prego jar on the left is my brown sugar container.)

I got the measuring spoons at a bridal shower.

Put one cup of white sugar in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of molasses.

Mix them together.

I use the back of a regular spoon, in the same motion I use when creaming butter and sugar, to sort of smush the molasses into the sugar. It takes a bit of time, but I find it very satisfying when all the molasses has been evenly distributed into the sugar.

Almost done

Eat it with oatmeal. Or whatever.


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